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I’ve Been Quoted for a Review!

I’ve been writing comic book reviews at Forces of Geek for almost three years. During that time, I’ve seen my colleagues quoted by various publishers. Well, Dynamite Entertainment quoted me for a review I wrote about the The Shadow/Green Hornet: Dark Knights graphic novel. Click here to check out my review.

The Shadow/Green Hornet: Dark Knights Vol 1 TPB Review


The Shadow/Green Hornet: Dark Knights Vol 1 TPB | Writer: Michael Uslan | Artist: Keith Burns | Colorist: Tony Avina | Cover: Alex Ross | Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment | Price: $19.99 | Release Date: March 12, 2014 | From my column at Forces of Geek.com

Team ups in comics are nothing new. However, the way Michael Uslan does it brings style and guile to a great premise featuring two classic pulp heroes. The Shadow and Green Hornet are no strangers to deep-rooted conspiracies and it’s their similar personality that makes them a perfect combination to foil a history altering plot.

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Dueling Review of Masks #1 & 2: The Comic Book Cross Over You’ve Been Waiting For

Masks #1 | Writer: Chris Roberson| Art: Alex Ross | Colors: Alex Ross| Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment | Price: $3.99


Dynamite Entertainment has been putting out some highly entertaining books over the last couple of years. Despite this, they don’t get too much love compared to the other independent publishers. There have been so many titles over the last twelve months that were razor close of being my pick of the week and it’s only fitting that the collaboration of Roberson and Ross finally brings Dynamite to the forefront.

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