Spider-Man Homecoming: Review

The sixth film featuring everyone’s favorite wall-crawling superhero has the added caveat of officially being a part of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Spider-Man: Homecoming not only presents a different on-screen version of the titular character but also it’s most endearing.

High School is the name of the game here. While Sam Raimi and Marc Webb used Peter Parker’s high school experience as a set piece to establish a bigger narrative, Director Jon Watts etches it in Homecoming’s DNA. Homework or crime fighting? That is the question.

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Captain America: Civil War – Review (Spoilers)


Captain America: Civil War has evolved the superhero movie genre. There’s really no other way to describe the onslaught of comic book goodness and engaging storytelling that occurred during this wonderful theater experience.

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo were given a lot to work with and they made it all fit, very comfortably into this lexicon that we affectionately call the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is first and foremost a Captain America movie, which is the film’s biggest accomplishment, even with everything else that occurred.  Continue reading

Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War


Captain America: Civil War, hits theaters next week and excitement is at an all-time high due to the film’s positive reviews and the appearance of a certain wall crawler. While Iron Man and Captain America have significantly raised Marvel’s profile over the last eight years, Spider-Man is the crown jewel of their character collective. If Batman and Superman are the two most iconic superheroes of all-time, then Spidey is number three on that list.  Continue reading

Spider-Man Swings Into The Marvel Cinematic Universe!


FINALLY, after months of negotiations and years of audience demand, Spider-Man is now a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel has never been able to use the iconic wall crawler in their films because Sony purchased the movie rights in 1999.

The deal was announced late Monday night is a partnership between Marvel Studios and Sony where Spider-Man will appear in a Marvel Studios film, which will see him rub shoulders with The Avengers. Also, four of Marvel’s Phase 3 films have been pushed back as a new Spider-Man movie opens in theaters on July 28, 2017.

Sony has fumbled the ball with this franchise since 2007 with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 being the last straw. An e-mail from the “Sony Hack” revealed that Marvel president Alan Fine was highly critical of the Sony’s script two years before the movie’s release. Continue reading

The Body Slam Podcast Ep 22: Marvel Cinematic Universe


This edition of The Bodyslam Podcast dabbles in a little experiment. In the spirit of Batista appearing in the upcoming Marvel film, Guardians of the Galaxy, we decided to take a break from the world of professional wrestling and discuss all of the comings and goings of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Between the in ring action, colorful characters, god like physiques, and over the top story lines, wrestling is a live action comic book and there is tremendous crossover with both genres.

Gerweck.net writer Atlee Greene along with Todd Graham and Shane Daly geek out with their predictions, dream scenarios and thoughts on the past, present and future Marvel films with a little Star Wars mixed in for fun. Click here and we hope you enjoy this topical trial run. 

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spins A Web of Mixed Results


Sony’s decision to reboot the Spider-Man movie franchise so soon after Sam Rami’s trilogy of films was damned with faint praise, which was the reaction to their first film, even though it made over $750,000,000 worldwide. Director Marc Webb’s second installment of The Amazing Spider-Man has also received a tangled web of criticism. I understand why people liked AMS 1 even though I feel it was an uninspired telling of the wall crawler’s exploits. This time around, despite some of its problems, I thoroughly enjoyed AMS 2.

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Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #1: Review

Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #1 | Writer: Matt Kindt | Artist: Marco Rudy |Colorist: Val Staples |Publisher: Marvel Comics | Price: $3.99 | From my column @ Forces of Geek.com


If you’ve ever read a comic book that tests limits of your mind and imagination, Matt Kindt probably wrote it. His ability to make the reader question what they are reading and seeing in front of them is truly remarkable. 

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Spider-Men #5 Review

Spider-Men #5 | Writer: Brian Michael Bendis | Art: Sara Pichelli
Colors: Justin Ponsor | Publisher: Marvel Comics | Price: $3.99

The charming tale of when Peter met Miles comes to a close, and guess what? Peter approves of the 13 year old web slinger. Of course, that’s not all that happens in this instant classic team up story.

Mysterio of 616 Earth will remain in the Ultimate Universe for the foreseeable future. Brian Michael Bendis weaves a grand finale that will have a lasting effect on all things Spider-Man.

Sara Pichelli’s work is top notch as always and Justin Ponsor’s coloring is the icing on the cake. The ingenuity of Bendis’ script is to be admired at the subtlety of certain character’s actions that heavily suggest this story is only over in the numerical sense.

If subtlety is not your thing, then the ending is anything but and the possible ramifications of it are endless.

Grade: A

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Movie Review – The Amazing Spider-Man

One IMAX midnight release and 18 hours later, The Amazing Spider-Man movie left me thinking, meh. It didn’t wow me at all and I was waiting 136 minutes for it to do so. This was an uninspired retelling of a orgin story that we saw done ten years ago. Sam Raimi‘s trilogy masterfully nailed the key moments that fueled the super hero inside Peter Parker such as a thug taking the life of Uncle Ben. The previous movies had the look and feel of the comic book while this one appeared to be aiming for a cross between Avengers and The Dark Knight.

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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man # 7 Review

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #7 Writer: Brian Michael Bendis | Art: Chris Samnee | Publisher: Marvel Comics | Price: $3.99

Brian Michael Bendis has done a masterful job of providing comic book fans with a feel good story that follows a character you love to cheer for.
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