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Retro Comic Book Review: WCW S.L.A.M. FORCE #1

I can’t believe I forgot about this gem produced by World Championship Wrestling and released by Marvel Comics. S.L.A.M. Force (Secret Legion Against Monsters) was a group put together as a covert group to battle supernatural forces of evil. The members of this elite fighting forces is an interesting selection, to say the least.

Their first mission takes them to Antarctica where our warriors of the squared circle have to stop some bad guys from uncovering the missing link and using its powers for world domination. These comic books came with each purchase of a Slam Force action figure. The story is cheesy but it’s “Great Expectations” compared to the Ultimate Warrior’s comic book. Now, let’s meet our heroes.

Chirs Benoit: Kind of has a Wolverine thing going on. Makes sense since it was his nickname

Kevin Nash: Has a rock & roll Thor type of character. The giant hammer is appropriate since he is in a Sledge Hammer match this Sunday and it can be used in burying people which he is an expert at

Bill Goldberg: “Hulk Smash” first & asks questions later. Makes an error or two for a poor lack of judgement in the book

Bret Hart: Marvel gave him the Hawkeye treatment. No powers. Expert with an bow & arrow. Makes sense since his name is the “Hitman”. I just don’t know how we can expect him to fight the forces of evil with the guy who ended his career in Goldberg

If you would like to read the book in its entirety then click here 

Sting: They and made him Morbius. He is the leader of this pitiful little band.

All Guts & No Glory For Roode.

Austin wins WWF belt at Wrestlemania 14

Remember when Stone Cold Steve Austin went over on Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 14? I remember because I was at the Fleetcenter that night. Wrestling fans all over the world rejoiced because the Austin 3:16 era had arrived. Now, imagine if Shawn Michaels had won that match and Austin pinned Shawn in the rematch at the following months Unforgiven pay-per-view? Can’t picture it? Well, let me paint it for you. The revitalization that occurred in professional wrestling because of the Attitude era would have never materialized.

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Wrestling Flashback: Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin

Survivor Series 11/17/96
Madison Square Garden
New York, New York

“If you liked Tyson vs. Holyfield, your gonna love this” Jim Ross

The quote by Jim Ross helped set the tone for the Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin encounter as they engaged in an intense stare down, followed by a pair of middle fingers by Austin before the opening bell. Everyone remembers their match at Wrestlemania 13. The Survivor Series bout gets lost in the shuffle when talking about the great matches of this business. The story leading up to and during the match was simple and effective.

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A Detailed Look at New Japan’s New York Show

New Japan Pro Wrestling invaded New York City for the second night of their tour this past Saturday. The evening’s battle ground is known as Basketball City and is really just a large abandoned warehouse. The attendance was announced at approximately 1,200 people. These shows might have been a once in a lifetime opportunity for fans to see their favorite NJPW stars live in person. Hopefully, the shows were perceived as being good enough so they will come back in the future.

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Hulkamania has arrived in TNA !?!?

It’s official folks. Hulk Hogan has signed with TNA wrestling and will be invading your television screens on Thursday nights. This, without question, is the one move TNA needed to make an attempt at becoming a serious player. Hogan is the biggest name in the history of the business. He is the first name people think of when they hear the term “professional wrestling”. TNA wrestling over time has developed into a not so quality product. I know there are some hardcore TNA fans that love the product with a passion. Some have even told me their pay-per-views are “equal to Wrestlemania in every PPV”. TNA has some of the best wrestlers in the world but their booking is awful. I compare it to SNL. They have some great talent on their cast. But the show hasn’t been funny in years.

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