WWE Great Balls of Fire…WTF

As someone who has watched, practiced and promoted professional wrestling for almost 30 years, I’m accustomed to the ridiculousness that the genre has to offer. Weird and zany names come with the territory.

So, when I heard that WWE’s July pay-per-view is titled Great Balls of Fire, I thought it was a rib and no sold it. Then, my podcast partner in crime Frank D ensured me that this was no ruse. The name of the show is legitimately called Great Balls of Fire.

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Goldberg Slays Lesnar with Rumble on the Horizon


If I told you that Goldberg would destroy Brock Lesnar in one minute and twenty-six seconds, you’d think I was crazy. Well, last Sunday, at Survivor Series, that is exactly what happened as a sold-out crowd at the Air Canada Centre applauded the swift destruction of the beast incarnate.

While you couldn’t tell by listening to the live audience reaction, opinion online is split down the middle at the result. Some absolutely loved the Tyson like the finish while others felt ripped off because they expected the usual 15 – 20 minute back and forth match. Continue reading

Goldberg Returns to Monday Night Raw


After months of speculation, Bill Goldberg returned to WWE, last night, on Monday Night Raw for the first time in over twelve years. He accepted Brock Lesnar’s challenge, with the expectation that Goldberg vs. Lesnar will eventually be made official for Survivor Series on November 20.

The crowd inside the Pepsi Center came unglued as they chanted “Holy sh*t” and “This is Awesome” before Goldberg said a word. The real emotion exhibited by Goldberg anchored the segment as he turned to his wife and son at ringside and said it was their first time seeing him live.  Continue reading

Do You Remember The Original ECW Invasion?


As a teenager in the growing up in the 1990’s, professional wrestling was my singular passion. While WWF/E was often front and center for me, Extreme Championship Wrestling, spent a few years as my favorite wrestling company. What drew me into ECW was the realistic storylines and hardcore atmosphere, complimented by blood, guts, tables, chairs and barbed wire brutality.

Naturally, I was thrilled when WWF and ECW worked together for a time in 1997. Taz, Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, Paul Heyman, and others appeared on Raw and in return, Jerry Lawler, with the help of Sabu and Rob Van Dam would infiltrate the ECW Arena. This was great stuff that really showed how to do a proper promotion vs. promotion angle.

Most wrestling fans only remember the poorly executed 2001 invasion angle involving ECW and WCW instead of its predecessor. I recently wrote an article for WhatCulture.com examining all the juicy details about this fresh concept during the heated stages of the Monday Night War. Click the link to check out 10 Things You Need To Know About The Original ECW Invasion.

The Undertaker’s Streak is No More


Last week, I was working on a column about the Undertaker’s loss to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30. However, once news broke of the Ultimate Warrior passing, the streak didn’t seem all that important. Now that I’ve finish the piece, I’m still not sure how I feel about how it ended. It makes sense if that was Taker’s last match, but Lesnar being the guy will always cast a shadow of doubt.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that Vince McMahon made the decision to end the streak and Undertaker agreed. I don’t think Vince would have argued if Taker didn’t want to put over Lesnar, which ultimately makes it his call, and why some feel it shouldn’t have been considering the result. As fans, we often forget about the performer’s feelings when debating these matters. What if Mark Calaway didn’t cherish the streak as much as we did?

A few years ago, Lance Storm wrote an article suggesting Undertaker cut a promo stating the streak would end, and he would retire when that occurred. His reasoning was the near falls would mean more as each one could mean the end of a legendary career. I really like Storm’s idea, but implementing it would’ve meant removing an essential core element. You’ve already told the world Undertaker is going to lose. The idea of whether or not the streak would ever end is what gave it such an ominous allure.

I could talk about this all day, and I do in my latest piece for the CamelClutchBlog.com titled 21-1: Dissection of the Undertaker’s Streak

Taz: A Look Into The Path of Rage

Like many wrestling fans in Massachusetts, I discovered ECW while stumbling onto the Spanish channel at 1:00 a.m. I salivated over the brutality on my television set as wrestlers hit each other with steel chairs and putting one another through tables as if it were going out style. Fans threw weapons into the ring, cussing illustrated the diversity of sentence structure, wrestlers mentioned other promotions by name and rabid fans who wanted blood were as common as a headlock.

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