Is Kevin Owens a Fake Champion in a Sport That Isn’t Real?

On Raw this past Monday, Kevin Owens emerged victorious in a Fatal Four Way match to become the new WWE Universal Champion. The closing moments of the match saw a down-and-out Owens receive an unexpected assist from longtime villain, Triple H, who’s been MIA since he lost at WrestleMania almost five months ago.

This would make fans happy under normal circumstances, but standard fare in wrestling is subjective at best. While some are indeed happy with the finished product, there are a lot of wrestling fans who believe that the help Triple H gave Owens to win the title stripped away any legitimacy that the moment would have had otherwise.

Is Kevin Owens a fake champion in a sport that isn’t real? Click here for the answer in my column at Forces of

Is Shane McMahon as RAW GM a WWE Ratings Experiment?

Despite Shane McMahon losing to the Undertaker at WrestleMania 32, Shane was running Monday Night Raw for the last three weeks. While it’s something the fans want to see, will it last, or is this just a ratings experiment?

Adam Kohn and I talk about this in detail on our Raw after show, Breaking Raw. If you enjoy this YouTube clip, check out the show in its entirety at Pro Wrestling Since 1997

Is Vince McMahon Speaking Through Ryback in “Size Matters” Promos?

Ryback recently turned heel and all roads lead to him challenging Kalisto for the U.S. title at WrestleMania. Some of the recent promos suggest that Vince McMahon is using Ryback to voice his personal dissatisfaction of smaller wrestlers.

You can listen to Breaking Raw in its entirety at I want to give a special thanks to Cassidy Ash for stepping in to fill the co-host’s chair.

I Have My Own Show and It’s Called “Breaking Raw”


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages…It’s official! I have my own podcast which debuted yesterday called Breaking Raw. Recap shows are all the rage right now because it gives fans a chance to in a sense, talk about the television show they just watched with like-minded people.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m really excited about this endeavor. I believe that my experience in the wrestling industry will provide a lot of insight, and a little hilarity for our listeners. I want to thank John Shoez for coming on board as co-host as we will break down every aspect of WWE Monday Night Raw.

With WrestleMania 32 only being three weeks away, the inaugural edition of the show reviews the March 7th episode of Raw. Click here to check out the show. Feedback is always welcome!

Breaking Raw will air every Tuesday at

Is WWE Planning Another Brand Extension???


If Shane McMahon beats the Undertaker at WrestleMania, he gains complete control of Monday Night Raw. This has fans talking about the possibility of another brand extension. PWInsider noted that WWE has discussed the idea, even before Shane returned to the company. I would like to put to rest and let me explain why.

The reason why WWE is not going to move forward with a second brand split is because Monday Night Raw is three hours. The length of the show makes it a chore for most fans to watch while the writers have a hard time producing 180 minutes worth of content. That’s with the entire main roster and Imagine splitting that in half?  Continue reading

Will Raw Feel a Disturbance in the Force?


The highly anticipated trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens will premiere this evening during halftime of the Giants vs. Eagles Monday Night Football Game on ESPN. The game officially starts  at 8:15 PM EST and the trailer is expected to air between 9:45pm and 10:00 PM. While this is great news for Star Wars fans, this could be horrible news for WWE.  Continue reading

The WWE Debut of Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens

What appeared to be another U.S. open challenge suddenly turned into a much more exciting affair as the guitar riffs of the CFO$ song, “Fight”, coursed through the sound system of the Richmond Coliseum. For some, it was an audible invasion of the unknown. For others, it was familiarity at its finest as Kevin Owens unexpectedly emerged on Monday Night Raw.  Continue reading

Raw Is In-Zayn


The Montréal faithful were loud in their disapproval of John Cena as they sang “John Cena sucks” to the tune of his entrance music. The U.S. open challenge was laid out on foreign soil as chants of “Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole,” filled the Bell Centre, foreshadowing a pending arrival. Much to everyone’s surprise, the legendary Bret Hart came out to introduce “a great wrestler.” The people slid to the edge of their seats with baited breath as Sami Zayn emerged from behind the curtain. Continue reading

The Raw Deal: Monday Night War, Seth Rollins, Rikishi, Fast Lane, the Grammys, & More


The first edition of The Raw Deal was mired in technical problems on Blog Talk Radio, but Frank Dee and myself broke down the 2/9 edition of Monday Night Raw with insightful analysis. We also share our their thoughts on Rikishi being announced for the WWE Hall of Fame, thoughts on the upcoming Fast Lane PPV, possible Stardust vs. Goldust and Bray Wyatt vs. Undertaker feuds, is Vince McMahon changing his mind about the Wrestlemania main event? Plus thoughts on NXT, DDP, the Grammys, and more!

Click here to check our the show at Pro Wrestling Since 1997

Braving The Storm For Bret Hart


My neck of the woods here in Massachusetts is in for a historic blizzard where a statewide travel ban has been issued and heavy power outages are expected. WWE announced that this evening’s episode of Raw and tomorrows Smackdown taping in Boston have been postponed.

I can’t remember the last time that WWE had to cancel a TV show due to the weather. The pending storm is bringing back memories of the time where I foolishly braved the elements to watch a particular wrestling match.

It was my sophomore year of high school and the April Fools Storm of 1997 was in full swing. I was counting down the minutes with baited breath until Monday Night Raw came on the air. The reason I was so excited is because The Rock, known at the time as rookie upstart Rocky Maivia, was defending the Intercontinental Championship against Bret “Hitman” Hart. Continue reading