GRP: Wrestlemania 31 Predictions

Frank Dee, Cassidy Ash and I sit down for a special edition of the Gerweck Report Podcast to breakdown and give our WrestleMania 31 predictions. WrestleMania takes place this evening with nine big matches with two of them taking place on the pre-show.

Will Sting win his first WWE match?

Can the Undertaker come back from his streak ending loss?

Will Roman Regins be booed out of Levi Stadium?

and so much more!


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Gerweck Report Podcast #78: Thoughts on Raw Reunion, Ross vs. Mathews, TNA’s Latest Reboot, and More

GRP-is-RawI had the pleasure of joining Frank Dee for a live edition of the Gerweck Report Podcast as we discussed last night’s Raw Reunion show, thoughts on the upcoming Royal Rumble, TNA first two episodes on Destination America and yet another company reboot, Jim Ross-Josh Mathews Twitter exchange, The Undertaker’s status, what is wrong with today’s product, sports entertainment vs. pro wrestling, WWE’s version of the New World Order, the WWE creative process, and a trip down memory lane.

This show was a lot of fun and I think 90’s wrestling fans will enjoy the banter about days gone by and the desperate lengths we would go to enjoy our favorite pastime.

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