Retro Comic Book Review: Marvel Comics 1977 Star Wars #1

Dark Horse has published Star Wars comic books since 1991. The company made a lot of waves last week, with the release of their new ongoing series written by the critically acclaimed Brian Wood. Star Wars #1 sold out in less than 24 hours and a second printing has already been ordered.

Marvel Comics was the first company to publish Star Wars comics in 1977. This particular treasure was hiding out at my local comic book store and it was interesting to read through it for a variety of reasons.

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I’m Cheating On My Comic Book Store


There is no easy way to say this so I’m just going to cut right to the chase.

I’ve been seeing someone else.  It’s not you, it’s me.  I know, I know; that’s what everyone says but I promise, I’m not just saying that in an attempt to salvage your feelings. It really is me. It all started three months ago when…yes, it is someone you know…it’s…Kindle Fire. I know this is a hard pill to swallow. I remember our deep late night conversations about the soulless application of digital comics as we enjoyed out favorite pinot noir.

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My Apology to Superman Writer George Perez

I officially owe George Perez an apology. The Superman comic book has been garbage since the new 52 began for a plethora of reasons besides being too wordy, cheesy and getting in it’s own way while trying to tell a story. I was shocked at how bad these books were and was relieved when it was announced last November that Perez would be replaced this past March. The book is a smidge better now, but not as good as is should be and the book as already been assigned to it’s third creative team starting in August.

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Geek Pet Peeves: I Want My Cape and Wear it Too

Everyone has a geeky pet peeve that gets under their skin no matter how hard they try to ignore it. Wrestling fans would say seeing the Great Khali on their TV set each week is a pet peeve. Star Wars fans say the changes George Lucas made to the original trilogy are a pet peeve of the highest magnitude. My geeky pet peeve is one that may be mine and mine alone. I absolutely can’t stand it when the yellow S-shield is missing from Superman’s cape. It’s just something I have never been able to overlook.

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My Digital Illumination

While Wednesday is just the middle of the week for most, It is new comic book day for those of us who live vicariously through 32 pages of color, action, and adventure. Yours truly lived in a galaxy far, far away at the local comic book shop when the average kid dreamed of being the next Babe Ruth at Little League. Hell, I still live in a galaxy far, far away while most spend their time being responsible adults. The Comic Book Shop is more than just it’s namesake. It’s a gathering for those who crave that escape from the everyday grind and can socialize with others in the same boat. That may be coming to an end, however, due to the rise of digital comic book sales. Continue reading

Why no love for Jr. Pac-Man???

Santa Claus was extremely generous in 1987 when he left the Atari 2600 and my first video game, Jr. Pac-Man under my tree. While my friends were accustomed to playing with Junior’s parents, I enjoyed the prospect of riding around a maze in a tricycle. What I want to know though is how come we can’t get any love for the little guy? Continue reading

Interview with SIX AM Comics

If you like old school video games, horror films, comics, humor and really cool art work, then prepare to get AM-inated by the crew at Six AM Comics. Mark Marianelli, Kevin Letourneau and Daniel Griswold are the creatively talented trio that make up the company.


Q: Tell me a little bit about you and your role at Six AM Comics?


Mark: I do a lot of odd-jobs within the site, more specifically though, my role within the group is the head illustrator. I’m responsible for illustrating our featured web comic, “Scholars”, as well as creating the majority of imagery around the website. For example, the page headers and any basic web design. On our Facebook page, we select people weekly (through various contests) to be “AM-inated”, in which we draw caricatures for them to use as Avatars. If you’ve had yourself drawn, it was me who did it.

Kevin: I serve as the Marketing Manager for Six AM Comics and help develop overall brand identity and strategy. I also contribute scripts and ideas for the development of new comics and games. I do a lot of social media strategy and creative consulting for clients as a freelance contractor, but my long term goal has always been to get into the arena of developing intellectual property and franchises through interactive storytelling.  

Daniel: I do a bit of everything from writing with Kevin on Scholars to making my own web-comic Honestly, which has a more random humor to it. Mark, Kevin and I go back quite a bit, and in High School we made a lot of video shorts based on my stupid ideas. We did obscure classics (to us) like “The French Director”, “The Mystical Green Face”, “Baby Demons”, and “Kung Fu-tage”. We all collaborated to make our longest running character “Refrigerator Man” – a man who sold his soul for the ability to move between any household appliance due to a need to escape from his tortured childhood. I like to think of myself as an idea guy, and when I have a cup of coffee and something to write or type on, I enjoy creating, drawing, laughing and hanging out to make stuff. That’s probably why we all get along so well – we’re all that way. That was a long answer, but to be a bit more professional, right now my role is Creative Support, making Honestly happen every Thursday, shooting game and Scholars ideas/scripts to support Mark and Kevin, and thinking up new ways to get people excited about Six AM like we are. Continue reading

Can A Short Guy Be Darth Vader For Halloween?

Halloween is one of the few days of the year where I can unleash my inner child and take a break from that responsible adult thing. The costume I choose is the key ingredient in this endeavor. I have been everything from a clown to Freddy Krueger. My goal has always been to be Darth Vader. The problem is I’m not exactly the tallest tree in the woods. Before we continue, yes, I know this is not a Star Wars blog. However,  the first Star Wars comic book was published on March 8th, 1977 which is 79 days before the first movie was released so there’s your connection and besides, it’s my blog.

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