Independence Day: Resergence…WTF

It makes my blood boil the way people crap on Independence Day with faint praise. It’s as if the god of film punditry shouted down from the heavens, declaring that if you liked the movie, you don’t know jack squat about film.

That’s why a lot of contemporary critics, bloggers, columnists, etc. say that they really liked the movie…but they throw in additional commentary such as “You need to turn your brain off to watch it because it’s not a great film” in order to save face.

Guess what: movies aren’t made to be analyzed. They’re meant to be an escape where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. The original Independence Day was a thrill ride that wowed movie goers everywhere.

Independence Day: Resurgence did nothing of the sort so feel free to crap on this film all you want because it doesn’t even deserve the faintest of praise. As a big fan of its predecessor, this is a shame because I really wanted to like it, however, as my wife and I walked out of the theater, we couldn’t help but point out all the flaws that are impossible to overlook, whether you’re “turning your brain off” or not.

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