The Star Wars: Why You Should Read It


A longer time ago in a galaxy far, far, away, George Lucas penned his original draft of Star Wars  titled “The Star Wars”. Concept art and bits of information about the characters have been released over the years. Thanks to Dark Horse Comics, an eight part comic book series has been released with the first three issues already in circulation. Some will find this concept intriguing while others might not care because after all, it is a rough draft and the prequels were rough enough. However, I’m going to tell you why you should be reading this series if you believe in the ways of the force.


Now, it is hard to put aside what you know about Star Wars and immerse yourself in what could have been. Lucas’ first draft is more political thriller than space opera which sounds like an instant turn off. However, it is the details built within the narrative of this particular draft that makes this a must read. Some things are different while others remain the same. Then, you have those bits and pieces of the story that you just can’t imagine taking place such as Anakin Skywalker back handing a teenage Princess Leia into unconsciousness because she won’t be quiet while he is trying to rescue her. Just think about that for a moment. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.


It is also interesting to discover names and concepts that were used immediately and were held off until the prequels. The planet Utapau didn’t appear until Episode III and it turns out to be the first planet we were intended to see in what could have seen Episode IV. Jabba the Hutt’s palace looks more majestic, but it no longer resides on Tatooine and the gangster has been evicted. Darth Vader is very much a part of this story, but the physical and emotional core essential elements of the character we remember is spread out among different facets of the saga.


Even though we are only three issues in, my impressions are that this draft as a finished product would not translate well on the silver screen. The action is few and far between and the story gets bogged down in the politics of it all. Plus, it looks and sounds like the Flash Gordon serials of old. Don’t get me wrong, I’m down with Flash but that type of film wouldn’t have become a cultural phenomenon. This, my friends, is the biggest reason why you should read this series. If you are a fan of or take part in the creative process in any form or genre, you will appreciate this like no other.


Many times I have written an article or taken a photograph and while I may have liked it, I knew I could do better or that it was missing that certain panache that makes it worthy of a reader’s time or for a viewer to admire what has been produced. So, I sit on it for a few days, weeks and or months while new ideas percolate. Once it is reviewed with a fresh pair of eyes, the creative juices start flowing and I’m off to the races. The Star Wars is the perfect example of something good turning into something amazing. It’s not only a story meant to captivate your imagination, but a great example of the old adage, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again”. For all of the creative minds out there, the force will be with you, always!

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