Looking Back at UFC 45: Revolution


UFC 167 will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the sport and the organization. MMA has danced many times with main stream acceptance and it is within an eyelash of finding a permanent residence with that crowd. There are at least 30 UFC shows on the calendar for 2014 but there was a time when they only held five events a year.

UFC 45: Revolution was the fifth and final event of 2003 and was the company’s 10th anniversary show. It was amazing to watch live and in person but fans watching on pay-per-view felt it was a less than stellar event. PRIDE FC held their Final Conflict card in Japan a week earlier and it’s one of the most memorable nights in MMA history. Any event would pale in comparison. UFC 45 just happened to be that occasion.

This is kind of a funny personal story but hours before UFC 45 began, I was having lunch at the hotel a saw a couple of the writers from Full Contact Fighter.com. They had a bunch of their monthly magazines with them and I wanted one. However, the MMA junkie in me was star struck of this media entity. This didn’t make sense considering I was shooting the breeze with several fighters earlier in the day. I winked at my friend and loudly asked him if he thought Tank or Cabbage was going to win. My plan worked as the writers handed us two free issues of the magazine.

My newest column for the Camel Clutch Blog reviews the UFC’s 10th anniversary show which I thought would be a fun read considering their 20th anniversary show is this Saturday. Click the link to check out Back to the Future of the UFC: UFC 45 Review

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