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It was great to get back in the studio last week and record The Body Slam Podcast along side Shane Daly and Todd Graham. This was our first go around in over two months. We never meant to take so much time off but that life gimmick got in the way. Anyone that knows us will tell you that the three us of can talk wrestling all day, everyday, so there is never a shortage of conversation.

I believe this episode was my best effort as a host. Sometimes, I suffer from paralysis by analysis by trying to do things “the right way” instead of just being myself. This time, I didn’t filter my opinions and just had fun with my friends.

I’m very appreciative of the platform Steve Gerweck has given us by allowing the show to air on his website. Even though the BSP is my brainchild, Todd deserves a ton of credit because the show wouldn’t come off nearly as well without his directorial and production expertise.

Insight and hilarity is what we bring to each episode and Shane brought the laughs in spades with his rant on TNA Impact Wrestling. It occurs a little after the 19:00 mark but don’t worry, the salty language is bleeped out so nobody’s ears will be offended.

Episode 8 is now online and you can click here to listen to it on or you can download it in the iTunes music store for free.

Also, please check out the great artwork from the fine folks at Six Am Comics who made our very awesome banner.

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