Cyborg 009 #0 Review


Cyborg 009: Chapter 000 | Writers: F.J. DeSanto and Bradley Cramp | Art: Marcus To and Ian Herring | Cover: Marcus To and Ian Herring | Publisher: Archaia Entertainment | Price: $1.00 | From my column at Forces of

This is a spectacular piece of comic book literature that is truly a privilege to read.

A young man, now known only as “009,” has been cybernetically altered against his will and fights to break free from a secret society who transformed him. This is a re-imagining of Shotaro Ishinomori’s manga classic that does everything right.

The opening glimpse into 009’s life before the robotics immediately makes you sympathize with him even though you don’t know the whole story. Marcus To and Ian Herring depict the heart wrenching scene that puts it over the top.

Romance, violence, mystery, and action are all impeccably woven together in superb fashion. Even though this is just a preview of the full length graphic novel scheduled for a summer 2013 release, this is one book you don’t want to miss.

Plus, the price tag is pretty nice too.

Grade: A

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