Cow Boy: A Boy And His Horse Review- A Wild West Classic

Cow Boy: A Boy and His Horse | Writer: Nate Cosby | Art: Chris Eliopoulos
Colors: Chris Eliopoulos | Publisher: Archaia 

Cow Boy follows the story of a bounty huntin’ 10 year old named Boyd Linney who is looking to collect by bringing a certain set of criminals to justice…his family.

Boyd, armed with his hobby horse shaped peashooter travels through out the Wild West looking to right the wrongs his family have perpetrated.

Nate Cosby brilliantly captures Boyd’s innocence as he hides behind the economics of collecting bounties but inside is a hurt child who just hates seeing bad things happening to good people.

The fact that it’s his family doing the hurting is what drives his incorruptible sprit. There is a vulnerability to this tough as nails child that will absolutely make you cheer for him.

Chris Eliopoulos’ art does a fantastic job of conveying a whirlwind of emotions, thoughts, and feelings the script is trying to get across.

The collaborative efforts of the entire creative team have produced a novel that is heartwarmingly clever that people of all ages will thoroughly enjoy.

The four bonus side stories added to this extraordinary tale of the little boy Linney makes this without question, a can’t miss book.  Please, believe the hype. It’s all good!

Grade: A

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