Incredible Hulk #1 Review

Incredible Hulk #1 | Writer: Jason Aaron | Art: Marc Silvestri | Colors: Sunny Gho | Publisher: Marvel 
Price: $3.99

If you didn’t read Fear Itself, then you missed Bruce Banner being kicked out of Casa de Hulk as they have split into two separate people.

The first issue dives into an emotional arc due now that the big green guy has found shelter in a place where he is not considered a monster.

As a result he can reevaluate letting personal attachments, such as friendship, come back into his life. This notion brings a calming peace of mind to the Hulk because he thought these things were long gone.

Despite the ass-kicking mayhem we are accustomed to seeing from the Hulk, he has a human soul and Jason Aaron reminds us of this by bringing this genuine emotional aspect to a guy who feeds off anger and rage.

The ending provides insight into the future adversarial conflicts that will arise for the Hulk as Bruce Banner has gone crazy insane and may prove the quote of “sometimes you can be your own worst enemy” to be correct.

Grade: B

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