DREAM 17 Results 9/24/11 Saitama, Japan

DREAM 17 results 9/24/11 Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan

-Hans Thompson, Frank Trigg and Tony Schiavello are on color commentary.

-Lenne Hardt, former Pride ring announcer, is ring announcer for this event.

-Tonight marks the first round of the DREAM Bantamweight Tournament at 134 lbs weight limit. One pound shy of the Unified Rules Limit of 135 lbs.

-This is the first DREAM event to use the three, five-minute round format instead of their regular format of one ten minute and one five minute round

-Aoki’s Lightweight Championship will not be on the line in the main event against Razor Rob.

Ikuhisa Minowa defeated Baru Harn at 4:29 of the first round by submission via neck crank. : Baru charged at Minowa with no rhyme or reason and was taken down with ease. Minowa was able to negate the size difference and trapped the arm and cranked the neck for the tap out.

– Bantamweight Grand Prix Quarterfinal

Rodolfo Marques defeated Yusup Saadulaev via unanimous decision: It was not an easy win for Marques. Both fighters kept an incredible pace through the fight.

– Bantamweight Grand Prix Quarterfinal

Masakazu Imanari defeated Abel Cullum by submission via arm bar @ 1:27 of the third round : The theme of the fight was Cullum fighting in Imanari’s guard while escaping submission after submission. Cullum picked up the pace with his ground and pound in the 2nd round. Imanari connected with a kick to the body to start the 3rd round and took Cullum down where he finished him shortly after with the submission.

– Bantamweight Grand Prix Quarterfinal

Bibiano Fernandes defeated Takafumi Otuska by submission via rear naked choke @ 41 seconds in the first round :Fernandes ducked under a left hand thrown by Otuska and immediately got his back and choked him out. Ref had to lift Otuska’s arm up a couple of times to make sure he was out before calling the fight.

Bantamweight Grand Prix Quarterfinal

Antonio Banuelos defeated Hideo Tokoro via split decision : The fight was even on the feet. Banuelos, while on his bike he majority of the fight, did control the pace.  Tokoro was going for submissions when it got to the ground.

Gerald Harris defeated Kazuhiro Nakamura via split decision : Not much happened in the fight. Lots of body clenching from between the two. Nakamura landed a judo take down in the 2nd round but Harris got right back up. Harris displayed really fast hands. Harris got Nakamura on his shoulders for a slam during the last 15 seconds of the fight. Nakamura held the ropes to avoid the slam but it didn’t work. Nakamura said prior to the bout that this would be his last fight in DREAM if he lost.

Satoru Kitaoka defeated Willamy Freire via split decision: Freire has some chances to steal the fight but did not capitalize on them. He need to open up a lot more. In the third round, Freire threw a low kick that hit Kitaoka below the belt. Ref gave him some time to recover. Freire was issued a yellow card from the ref for stalling

Yan Cabral defeated Kazushi Sakuraba by submission via head & arm choke @ 3:07 in the second round : Cabral dominated the first round punches as he kept tagging Saku in the corner. Cabral took him down and kept punching him at will. The second round started out the same as the first. Sakuraba was trying to stop submission but he was unsuccessful. After he tapped out, he had a hard time getting back to his feet.

Takeshi “Lion” Inoue defeated  Caol Uno by knockout via right high round kick  @ 3:22 of round one : Inoue was dictating the pace with his punches. Lion dropped Uno with an over hand right. Uno recovers from the punches that follow and gets back to his feet. Uno throws a kick along with three or four punches that connected right before he got caught with the kick that ended his night.

Tatsuya Kawajiri defeated Joachim Hansen by submission via head & arm choke @ 4:00 of the third round: This was Kawajiri’s first fight at 145 lbs. The fight starts with Hansen rocking Kawajiri with an over hand right that send him across the ring. Hansen charges in with a flying knee but is taken down for his efforts. Kawajiri works from top position lands a few punches before Hansen gets back up. They trade punches and knees until Kawajiri clinches and takes down Hansen. Kawajiri lands a Kimura and worked on it for over a minute. Hansen got back up and took his back to secure a body triangle to end the round. This was round of the night for sure! The second round was all Kawajiri as he took Hansen down right away and threw punches and worked for submissions in  Hansen’s guard. Kawajiri missed several chances from side control. They traded punches ad kicks to open the third frame. The strikes turn into clinching into the ropes. Kawajiri takes him down and is working to gain side control while Hansen is playing defense. Kawajiri lands the choke and it takes a few but Hansen eventually taps out.

Shinya Aoki defeated Rob McCullough by submission via rear naked choke @ 4:57 of the 1st round : Aoki shoots for the take down but McCullough sprawls to defend. Aoki finally gets Razor Rob down and has full mount. Lands a few punches and Rob switches to half guard. Aoki passes the guard and has full mount once again. Rob sweeps and gets back to his feet. McCullough is trying to find his range with the strikes but is taken down again. Aoki is landing palm strikes to McMcullough’s head which opens up a cut. Aoki has side control and lands several knee to the head. Aoki gets McCullough’s back and lands a rear naked choke. Rob fights it but rapidly taps out with three seconds left in the round.

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