Looking Back at ElkMania 4


(ElkMania is an annual professional wrestling show that I produce and promote.) 

September 2016 has not been kind to me. If I’m not sick, I’m injured, and if I’m not injured, I’m sick. Then there have been days where both have occurred simultaneously. I normally despise taking time off from work or reneging on any of my responsibilities or commitments, however, this time, I was unable to shake it off and work through the discomfort.

With all of that said…

To say that ElkMania 4 was an amazing success would be an understatement. Each year, the show has gotten bigger, better and increased in popularity to the point where unfortunately, we had to turn people away after filling our near three hundred seat venue, which included standing room only accommodations.

The increasing success of ElkMania Promotions is due to the talented and hard-working wrestlers who put on a great show that keep the fans coming back for more.

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WWE Backlash 2016 Review

After a six year absence, Backlash returns to the WWE event calendar as the first SmackDown brand pay-per-view of the new era. Check out my review of the show as things kicked off with a fantastic women’s championship match and ended with a great WWE World title showdown.

Boom Studios Unleashes ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Vol. 1

Normally, a comic book series based a popular television show delivers more of the same at best while often providing a watered down version of the source material.

Kyle Higgins makes BOOM! Studios’ run of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers a compelling exception to the rule by using familiar elements to serve the narrative in a fashion that triggers nostalgia while touching on things that the kid-friendly show ignored.

Here, Higgins and company sprinkle in safety concerns and protocols that remind, or perhaps, enlightens the reader that no sane person would want to live in Angel Grove due to the amount of monster activity that plagues the city.

Also, how come no one ever attacked the Rangers at home? Why is it that only Jason and Tommy’s Zords saw one on one combat? All of these things and more come into play throughout the book.

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Is Kevin Owens a Fake Champion in a Sport That Isn’t Real?

On Raw this past Monday, Kevin Owens emerged victorious in a Fatal Four Way match to become the new WWE Universal Champion. The closing moments of the match saw a down-and-out Owens receive an unexpected assist from longtime villain, Triple H, who’s been MIA since he lost at WrestleMania almost five months ago.

This would make fans happy under normal circumstances, but standard fare in wrestling is subjective at best. While some are indeed happy with the finished product, there are a lot of wrestling fans who believe that the help Triple H gave Owens to win the title stripped away any legitimacy that the moment would have had otherwise.

Is Kevin Owens a fake champion in a sport that isn’t real? Click here for the answer in my column at Forces of Geek.com

He-Man and She-Ra Guide Channels the Power of Greyskull

Last year, Dark Horse unleashed the Power of Greyskull with the release the He-Man art book and a collection of the old mini comic books. Now, writer, animator and He-Man expert James Eatock has assembled the ultimate companion guide for the original animated series that was a capstone of the 80’s cartoon era.

Did you know that He-Man started off as angry and impatient before he gained his good humored personality? What about the fact that Orko was originally going to be named Gorpo? He-Man and She-Ra: A Complete Guide To The Classic Animated Adventures is a near 600 page hard cover juggernaut that will require some prime real estate on your bookshelf.

Every single episode of the Filmation animated series starring He-Man & She-Ra, the movies The Secret of the Sword and A Christmas Special are summarized with a wealth of information that is beautifully laid out in a cohesive manner that is easy on the eyes and super fun to explore.

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Thank You, Scott Snyder


I’ve lost confidence in my writing as of late. I second guess every word and rewrite every sentence more times than I would like to admit. My friends tell me not to worry and that I’m my own worst critic. Last weekend, I learned that a critically acclaimed writer goes through something similar.

I covered a panel at Boston Comic Con, where Batman writer Scott Snyder and artist Gregg Capullo shared their experience crafting such an iconic superhero. Snyder is arguably the definitive narrative voice of the caped crusader and the love and admiration he has for the character is clear with every turn of the page.

Snyder was extremely open with some of the trials and tribulations he’s endured since he took on Batman’s ongoing series in 2011. “That sentence sucks” is a constant voice of creative doubt that is interlined in his thoughts.

In many respects, Scott Snyder’s work is the perfect example of everything I aspire to be as a writer. It was refreshingly honest to hear that he has fears, doubts and anxiety when he writes, just like me.

I wrote a review of Scott Snyder’s panel, and to avoid getting paralysis by analysis, I focused, found my direction, typed it up, and stayed the course in spite of the urge to highlight, right-click, and press delete.

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