The Impact of Global Force Wrestling


Hell froze over last Wednesday when Jeff Jarrett entered the ring on Impact Wrestling while wearing a t-shirt of his own start-up promotion, Global Force Wrestling. The TNA founder announced his participation in the King of the Mountain match to be held at the Slammiversary, which he ended up winning.

This is all very intriguing considering Jeff Jarrett left the company on poor terms.

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Shamrock vs. Kimbo: A Work of Fiction


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Last Friday, in the main event of Bellator 138, Kimbo Slice knocked out Ken Shamrock. The former bare knuckle brawler seemingly came back from the jaws of defeat as he escaped from a rear naked choke and landed a right hand that sent Shamrock crumbling to the canvas.

The thing is, there are a lot of people who are questioning the integrity of the bout. Some scoff at the very idea that there was anything fishy with the bout, while others believe without question that the fix was in.

When examining these matters the two big questions you have to ask yourself is why the event would unfold this way and what does Bellator have to gain from Kimbo getting a big win on national television? Continue reading

Rexdous is 64 Million Years of Fun in the Making

Rexodus TPB | Writer: James Farr | Artist: Jon Sommariva | Colorists: Camila Fortuna,
Dustin Evans, John Rauch | Publisher: Dark Horse Comics | Release Date: June 24, 2015


“Daddy needs you to step away from the apex predator,” Dr. Dixon nervously says to his 12 year old daughter, Amber, as she accidentally awakens a living and breathing dinosaur from a 64 million year cryosleep, and brilliantly and humorously sets the tone for this fast paced intergalactic tale of survival.

If you look at the cover, you see a little girl with an orange T-Rex who is wearing body armor and ready to attack the enemy.

“Maybe this is a comedy, a parody that is only meant to deliver a good laugh,” I thought as I judged this cover. Not that there is nothing wrong with a parody. James Farr and Jon Sommariva take what we know about these historical beasts and flip it upside down.

You can check out my entire review of Rexdous here at Forces of

Brutal Bob Evans Talks, Ring of Honor, Lethal vs. Briscoe, Micheal Bennett, & More


I recently interviewed Brutal Bob Evans at What where he shares his thoughts on topics such as Destination America, the success of Micheal Bennett, putting Cheeseburger through a table, and his initial criticism of the company. Here some highlights:

On Being an ROH Critic: The line I use is that I used to hate this company, now it’s the only place I want to be. I think it was the change in philosophy on both our parts. In other words, I think we needed to be a little more open-minded, and I wasn’t open-minded.

Will Briscoe vs. Lethal Deliver: I’ve actually pulled both guys aside and told them there are people who don’t think you’re going to have the match that Ring Of Honor is promising. I think both guys are looking at it as a challenge to really step up their game and compete at that kind of level where they’re going to have that type of match.

I personally want to thank Bob for taking the time to talk to me. You can check out the entire interview here at What

Randy Savage vs. Jushin Liger: I Never Knew This Happened!

One of the fun things that comes with being a fan of any genre are the undiscovered gems you stumble upon. That wow factor kicks into overdrive because it sounds too good to be true when you find something that you never knew existed.

‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage and Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger are two of my favorite professional wrestlers. Up until this past weekend, I would’ve called you a liar if you said they actually wrestled each other. Well, they did in fact tango in the squared circle. Continue reading

Tag Team Wrestling in ECW


The design of Tag Team wrestling is to increase the amount of action and drama in a particular match. Four wrestlers can pull off certain moves and tell certain stories that two wrestlers alone could never do, such as blind tags and double team maneuvers.

ECW revolutionized the wrestling business in the 90’s with hardcore action, mature storylines, and highly technical and competitive matches showcasing different styles. Their tag team division was not only a pivotal part of the show, but they exuded the essence of the art by increasing the excitement in a promotion that was already extreme.

My latest column at What reviews the best tag teams that ever graced the land of extreme. What qualifies someone as being the best? Championships do. Click here to check out 10 Best ECW Tag Team Champions Ever

The Undertaker is One of My All-Time Favorites


The Undertaker is tied with Bret Hart as my all-time favorite wrestler. While his dark side persona has gained him fame the world over, he represented something else to me. The giants of the squared circle often apply dastardly tactics while using their size advantage to steal victories. Taker started off the same, but quickly became something different, something more.   Continue reading

Big Easy Win for Old Man Hendo

Dan Henderson

It’s took Dan Henderson 28 seconds to prove the naysayers wrong on Saturday night in New Orléans as he dispatched of Tim Boetsch. The catalyst for Boetsch’s demise came in the form of an H-bomb special that crumbled the barbarian, causing him to count the lights in the Smothie King Center. Continue reading

Henderson’s Last Ride?

Dan Henderson at Team Quest

The middleweight showdown between Dan Henderson and Tim Boetch will headline the latest UFC Fight Night card that will emanate from Louisiana on Saturday evening. Both fighters are coming off losses, but the bigger story here is that Henderson, a legend in the sport, has won only one of his last six fights.

With his 45th birthday right around the corner, could this be the last time we see ‘Hendo’ grace the cage?   Continue reading

Masters of the Universe is Kind of My Jam


Christmas of 1984, times were tough for my family as we lived in a crammed one room apartment. I was only four years old, so I didn’t understand the gravity of the situation. I really had no concept of Christmas, so I was surprised when there were four wrapped presents waiting for me when I woke up that morning.

The first two were Superman and Batman action figures courtesy of Kenner’s Super Powers line. Presents three and four were He-Man and Skeletor of Mattel’s Masters of the Universe collection. To be more specific, it was the Battle Damage He-Man and Battle Damage Skeletor, not the regular figures. Continue reading