The Fall Of A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #44 featured the death of Donatello which capped off a four issue story arc titled Attack on the Technodrome. A second printing has already been ordered and will be available on April 8th. Most comic book stores were sold out of the book within minutes of its release, which has made the first printing a tough item to acquire.

So, why kill Donatello? While the series is consistently one of the best reads on the shelf, it was the right time for something drastic to occur. Team members die and return to life in comic books all the time, which often cheapens eerie hold that death is supposed to hold over someone.

The team dynamic will be different going forward because Donatello was the smart one and his intelligence was often the key in getting the team out of sticky situations. That is gone now, and adjustments will have to be made which should provide for some interesting stories down the line.

I wrote a column at Forces of reviewing the last five issues of the series which shows how this moment was set up along with everything else that was happening with out favorite turtles. Click here to check it out.

Script-Mania and Thoughts on Brock Lesnar Resigning with WWE


Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns is the scheduled main event for this Sunday’s WrestleMania and all the chatter going into the match revolves around the popular opinion is that Reigns isn’t ready to be anointed ”the guy.” Looking at this objectively, I’m wondering what kind of match these two are going to put on.

Lesnar delivers in high-profile situations largely because his opponents have been able to mask his shortcomings as a worker by accenting his strengths. Reigns hasn’t had that standout singles performance and needs to be carried at this point of his career. Continue reading

Thoughts On The Passing Of Perro Aguayo Jr.


There was some sad news over the weekend as Lucha Libre star Perro Aguayo Jr. passed away after a match in Tijuana, Mexico at the age of 35. Coincidently, this was also Rey Mysterio’s first match since being released from WWE. There are some news outlets that have reported this responsibly, but there are other places that have used misleading headlines which blame Mysterio for Aguayo’s passing.

I know the real story here is that a young man tragically lost his life, however, something needs to be said for how the media is portraying Mysterio as having sole blame in this matter. I’m sure he is extremely heartbroken over the situation, and some in the wrestling media are trying to change the narrative at the expense of Mysterio’s reputation for the sake of web site click bait.

The footage of the match shows the sequence of spots leading up to Aguayo’s passing. Everything from Aguayo taking a spinning head scissors where he bumped on the floor, to the moment he took a dropkick into the ropes to set up the 619 and even when Manik hit the ropes while Aguayo was positioned on them are all inconclusive.

The fact of the matter is that we may never know the precise moment and move that triggered the fatal injury. The only thing that is clear is that this was an accident in every sense of the word. No one is to blame, it’s a sad situation all around.

I don’t know why, but all the discussion regarding the various moves that attributed to Aguayo’s passing made me think about the time I watched video of my backyard wrestling escapades two years after I began training to become a wrestler. Watching that footage with a trained eye scared me because there were several instances where I didn’t remotely have a clue how close I was to seriously injuring myself or someone else.

I’m not saying in any way, shape, or form that the men in the ring that night were careless or untrained. It just goes to show the risk that every single person who steps into a ring is taking when they perform. The bottom line is that someone died, and that should be the focus, not whether someone is to blame or not to blame.

My condolences go out to the family of Perro Aguayo Jr. I also want to wish all of the wrestlers well who have matches coming up as we go into our favorite weekend of the year. Please, be safe, and have fun.

Remember The Name: Joanna Jedrzejczyk


Photo Credit: Dave Mandel –

UFC 185 produced an interesting night of fights that not only provided some divisional clarity but crowned two new champions. One of the new title holders became a star on Saturday night as she pummeled her way towards straw-weight gold and her name is Joanna Jedrzejczyk.

The first straw-weight title defense in UFC history hadn’t gained a lot of fanfare even though an entire season of The Ultimate Fighter was used as a vehicle to usher in the division. Carla Esparza seemed to have a firm lock on the title since her wrestling appeared to be unstoppable.   Continue reading

Calling The Shots: Anthony Pettis vs. Rafael Dos Anjos

ufc185The main card of tonight’s UFC 185 is stacked from top to bottom with the return of a former champion and two title fights to round out the event. While the first strawweight title defense in UFC history could be interesting, it is the lightweight title bout that has everyone talking.

This is an interesting fight with a lot of different variables involved. Anthony Pettis has gone from being a fighter with unjustified hype to someone who is at the blastoff point of being a legitimate tour de’ force. A win here will amplify his momentum and keep him firmly in the pound-for-pound discussion.

Continue reading

First Photo’s of Melissa Benoist as Supergirl. (Yes, I’m Blogging about a Costume)


I’ve received a lot of messages over the last six days with everyone asking me one very important question. What do I think of the new Supergirl costume? I found this kind of weird since its WrestleMania season, but hey, I’m game.

CBS has just begun production on a new Supergirl television show that is scheduled to air this Fall. Melissa Benoist of Glee and Whiplash fame has been cast in the titular role and the first photos of her costume has received enormous feedback.

Most people seem to like the outfit, but there are others who don’t like because it’s too dark. Seeing the first image of any actor in a superhero costume is a big deal because it’s our first glimpse into a new world.

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X-Men and Guardians of The Galaxy Enter The Black Vortex

The Black Vortex is the current big event going on in Marvel Comics with the Guardians of the Galaxy and the X-Men teaming up to stop an ancient artifact that is imbued with immeasurable power from destroying billions of lives across the universe.
This event will be a three month trek with four books that were released in February, five installments to be released in March with the final four chapters hitting shelves in April.

Here we’re going to examine the first four books while looking at story progression, character depth, and things that look to be shaping up. If you haven’t started reading this event yet, consider this your Cliff’s Notes on The Black Vortex.

There is one question that needs to be asked and that is, “why should we care about this event when Secret Wars is right around the corner?”

The Marvel Universe as we know it will be melded into one single cohesive alignment called Battleworld where continuity could be changed, altered, or remained untouched. While crossover events should deliver some high stakes excitement that augments the overall scope of the universe in some way, shape, or form.

However, sometimes, it’s all about providing a sense of wonderment while seeing your favorite characters in uncommon situations. If you’re a Guardians and or X-Men devotee, seeing them interact is half the fun.

Check out my review of the first four installments of The Black Vortex at Forces of

Bellator Opening Pandora’s Box With Shamrock vs. Slice


Ken Shamrock vs. Kimbo Slice will headline the Bellator MMA event on June 20th inside the Scottrade Center in St. Louis. The bout is scheduled to take place at heavyweight, and will air on Spike TV. This is a rematch of the fight that never was from October 4, 2008 when they were booked to headline an Elite XC show on CBS.

The day of their originally scheduled bout, Shamrock suffered a cut over his left eye and had to withdraw. There was controversy surrounding this since Shamrock was upset when he learned how much more Slice was being paid then him, and asked for an increase in salary which was denied.

Seth Petruzelli, who was already fighting on the card, accepted the change of opponent to Kimbo on the shortest of notice and knocked out the backyard brawler in 14 seconds. Allegations from Petruzelli stating he was told not to take Kimbo down, along with huge money losses from the advertised main event falling through, caused Elite XC to file for bankruptcy and then close their doors seventeen days later.  Continue reading

Bitch Planet #3 Review

Bitch Planet #3 Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick | Artist: Robert Wilson IV | Cover: Valentine De Landro | Publisher: Image Comics | Price: $3.99 | From my column at Forced of

Bitch Planet has a strong feminist component that reinforces the message of self-acceptance when everything around us says we’re not good enough. While the male perspective might roll their eyes at this type of social commentary that doesn’t appeal to them, the reality is, it does.

Kelly Sue DeConnick has made Bitch Planet an enthralling and entertaining premise for the comic book medium that fits like a glove in all its splendor. The creators have laid out a format where every third issue will shy away from the main narrative and focus on the origin story of a specific character. Continue reading

Could Roman Reigns Learn From Diesel?

On November 27, 1995, I turned on the TV to watch WWF Action Zone and expected it to be just another episode of recaps and squash matches. You can imagine my surprise when the entire show revolved around the shocking news that the night before at Madison Square Garden, Diesel pinned Bob Backlund in 8 seconds to become the new WWF Champion.

“Huh” was my first reaction followed by “Really?” as I found myself disillusioned with this turn of events. Back then, I bought anything Vince McMahon was selling, however, something about this transaction felt hollow. In the end, Diesel never showed the fans why he was worthy of his instant push into the limelight and was the least profitable champion of all time.

Take that, founding father of the highly successful nWo!

There is a lot of talk in the wrestling world about Roman Reigns these days. Is he ready to be “the guy” in WWE? I feel he needs more time to mature as a performer. Plus, he hasn’t had that one hot angle to distinguish himself.

I wrote an article for about the possibility of Reigns becoming the champion and beyond. Click here to check out 5 Ways Roman May Reign WWE