Daniel Bryan Retires from Wrestling due to Injuries


Yesterday seemed as if it was going to be just another day in the world of professional wrestling with a new episode of Monday Night Raw on the horizon. Then, all of a sudden, a particular tweet from a particular wrestler changed all of that. 20 words, or 137 characters, informed the world that Daniel Bryan has retired from professional wrestling.  Continue reading

Batman v Superman: Battles of the Past

Batman #612 | Creators: Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee, Alex Sinclair | 2003

DC Comics have treated fans to many fights between Batman and Superman over the years. Some have been great while others left a lot to be desired. Of course such an endeavor is easier said than done because there are so many creative masters to satisfy when having the two most iconic superheroes lock horns with one another.

During the critically acclaimed story arch Hush, where a villainous foe was sabotaging Batman from afar, Superman, under the control of Poison Ivy, was ordered to kill Batman. Superman’s tactics are predictable; which Batman uses to his advantage while respecting the fact that Clark could kill him with the flick of his finger.

Superman finds a way to pull his punches, which is a key component here, but they still pack quite the super-powered wallop. In the end, Batman realizes that even with all his know how and Kryptonite, he is not going to win a fist fight. He pulls out some devious tactics that appeal to the one thing about Superman that will always reign true: His love for Lois Lane.

In the second BVS trailer, an angry Superman yells to Batman “Stay down. If I wanted it, you’d already be dead.” This implies that he is trying to prevent another Zod neck snapping scenario. Perhaps Superman’s unwillingness to kill is the opening Batman needs in order to win the fight? We will all find out the answer on March 25.

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CM Punk Gets Called Out By Mikey Gall in UFC

CM Punk was ringside for this past Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 82 event as Mickey Gall quickly defeated Mike Jackson to earn the right to be Punk’s first UFC opponent later this year. Frank Dee and Atlee Greene break it all down including Punk’s chances in the Octagon.

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Lucha Underground is the Popular New Kid in School


– Lucha Underground: Don’t Call it a Wrestling Promotion

When people talk about their favorite television shows, for example The Walking Dead, they’re discussed with a favorable disposition that all culminates with one question. What is going to happen next? Conversation regarding WWE, however, consists of “Who booked this crap?” or “Why is that guy getting a push?”

Lucha Underground is changing the way people talk about wrestling due its fresh presentation highlighted by engaging storylines, unique matches, interesting characters, and great wrestlers. Last week’s season 2 premiere stirred up quite the conversation. Some feel that it’s a joke, while others believe it’s the best thing going today.

Here is why the latter appears to be the prevailing sentiment.

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Thoughts on Film: The Big Short

My wife and I recently saw the Oscar nominated film, The Big Short. It’s the true story of some financial analysts who discovered and capitalized on the eventual collapse of the housing market. It was interesting to watch a movie about a subject that affected my family just like it did millions of families across the country.  Continue reading

The One Mistake WWE Can’t Make with Shinsuke Nakamura

Frank Dee and I discuss Shinsuke Nakamura, his scheduled NXT debut, and the one mistake WWE can’t afford to make with the former New Japan Pro Wrestling superstar. 

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AJ Styles makes his WWE debut at the Royal Rumble

If you’re a wrestling fan who’s only experience with the genre is what occurs on WWE television, the name AJ Styles might be foreign to you. The Gainesville, Georgia native, at 38 years old, is arguably the best wrestler on the planet today.

The 18 year veteran has been tearing it up in Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling for the past two years. Styles has been involved in a plethora of match of the year candidates over his career. His most recent was on January 4th against the Shinsuke Nakamura at Wrestle Kingdom 10.

Much to WWE’s credit, they didn’t change a thing about his character. They went out of their way to promote him as a big deal based on his illustrious past, and even made reference to the internet rumors of his pending arrival. This is something WWE rarely does today.

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My Column on Tough Enough Winner Josh’s Backstage Heat in WWE.


Professional wrestling maybe the strangest business in existence. That doesn’t mean the word “respect” is lost on the genre. In fact, it’s one of the first things listed on the syllabus of Wrestling 101. Whether you are humble or arrogant, no one is immune to taking part in this lesson.

Those who learn to appreciate the privilege of being in the business will, in time, start to earn respect from those who’ve come before you. The ones who are stubborn and hard headed will either learn the hard way or be shown the exit.

Tough Enough winner, Josh Bredl, made headlines this week for a disparaging remark he made on Twitter about the Social Outcasts being “Social Jobbers.” This reportedly drew the ire of several WWE superstars, with Stardust and Kevin Owens publicly firing shots at the Division I athlete.

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The Debut of my Batman v. Superman Column


There is no other event in sports or entertainment that is produced and promoted with more grandeur, pomp, and circumstance than the big fight. While many of them have come and gone over the years, unfortunately, there are some titanic clashes that never materialized for a variety of reasons.

Boxing’s managerial shenanigans prevented Riddick Bowe vs. Lenox Lewis from occurring while Mixed Martial Arts’ promotional exclusivity prohibited UFC’s Randy Couture vs. PRIDE’s Fedor Emelianenko. Even Vince McMahon was unable to conjure up an encounter between Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin because neither man would to lose to the other.
On Friday, March 25, 2016, Warner Bros will release the highly anticipated film, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Finally we get to see the most highly debated dream match-up of all time as the Man of Steel squares off against the Dark Knight.
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