Secret Six #1 Review

Secret Six #1 | Writer: Gail Simone | Artists: Ken Lashley, Drew Geraci | Colorist: Jason Wright | Publisher: DC Comics | Price: $2.99 | From my column at Forces of

One of the disappointing causalities of DC Comics New 52 was the Secret Six series. Once again, the talented Gail Simone is at the helm of this clandestine awakening. Continue reading

UFC 181: Thank You

UFC 181 - Hendricks v Lawler

Past and Present Welterweight Kings

I almost hate admitting this, but I have been bored with MMA as of late. The UFC’s overwhelming slate of shows has given me little cause for excitement. While I understand their business strategy is to create new stars, appealing content extends beyond simply two people fighting in a cage.

We’ve been spoiled for so long with a plethora of intriguing personalities. Gladiators like Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock, Dan Severn, and Tank Abbott introduced us this combative spectacle while warriors such as Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, BJ Penn, and Matt Hughes ushered in the sports boom period.

The new generation of fighters have evolved quite nicely, but besides Ronda Rousey, no one else has mass appeal. People want to like Jon Jones but his Ill-mannered and disingenuous personality is a turnoff. Cain Velasquez, Demetrious Johnson, and Chris Weidman seem like the type of athletes you’d want your kids to look up to. Unfortunately, they lack that larger than life persona.

UFC 181 rejuvenated my excitement for Mixed Martial Arts. The event had everything you could ask for and then some, and I wrote a column about it at What titled 5 Things We Learned From UFC 181.

WCW Had Some Issues


Remember when WCW was the top wrestling promotion in the world? It’s sad that they are out of business because WWE no longer has competition to push them to create quality content on a consistent basis.

For every great idea WCW had, they had one that was equally as bad. On top of that, their lack of continuity at times was down right insulting to the audience.

My my newest column at What highlights about some of the company’s creative missteps. Make sure you check out 10 Incredible WCW Storylines That Never Got Resolved

Thoughts On CM Punk Signing With UFC


This past Saturday at UFC 181 in Las Vages, it was announced that former WWE Superstar CM Punk has signed to fight in UFC and will make his Octagon debut sometime in 2015.

Punk was interviewed at cage side by Joe Rogan and said he is done with professional wrestling and that MMA is his full-time career now because it’s now or never for him.

Punk said that the weight class he will fight at is up in the air but he is looking at middleweight (185 lbs) but welterweight (170 lbs) is a possibility. He also said that he will not fight at light heavyweight (205 lbs)

When asked who he was going to train with, Punk said he didn’t want to tip his hat just yet and that he is making inquires with a few camps. Continue reading

Calling The Shots Of UFC 181: Hendricks vs. Lawler II


UFC 181 features two championship bouts to close out the promotions pay-per-view calendar for the year. With an unprecedented 45 events scheduled for 2015, this card will go a long way in bringing clarity at the top of the welterweight and lightweight division. From top to bottom this looks to be the most intriguing and action packed card of the year.

Tony Ferguson vs. Abel Trujillo

This is a fight of technique versus raw aggression. Ferguson is a very skilled and Abel Trujillo made some serious noise with his win over Jamie Varner that turned into a violent slugfest. Ferguson cannot win a firefight and has to dictate the pace with takedowns. I believe that Trujillo will land big shots thus forcing Ferguson out of his wheelhouse.

The Pick: Abel Trujillo Continue reading

WWE Superstars #10 Review

WWE Superstars #10 | Writer: Mick Foley, Shane Riches | Artist: Paris Cullins | Colorist: Laurie E. Smith | Publisher: Super Genius | Price $3.99 | From my column at Forces of

The second installment of “Legends” rolls on as this twisted, nightmarish, game show of combat seems to know no bounds. The Undertaker enters the fray and finds himself in a battle royal against virtually every giant that has ever competed in a WWE ring. Continue reading

X-O Manowar #30 Review

X-O Manowar #30 | Writer: Robert Vendtti | Artists: Diego Bernardo, Alisson Rodrigues | Colorist: Wil Quintana | Publisher: Valiant Entertainment | Price: $3.99 | From my column at Forces of

In 1996, I was introduced to X-O Manowar via his crossover video game with Iron Man titled Heavy Metal. Years later, Valiant has done a marvelous job of fleshing out the character in this vast comic universe that has been created. Continue reading

My Childhood Super Powers

I love 80’s toys because they contain my first real memory of using my imagination to adventure in a galaxy far, far away. When I was four years old, my family and I were living in a tiny one room apartment known around town as the “roach motel”. Thanks to my Mother, who didn’t want her son to comprehend the gravity of our impoverished situation, I was introduced to a strange visitor from another planet who could make tall leaps in a single bound. His name was Superman, courtesy of Kenner’s Super Powers. Continue reading

Werdum Denies Hunt The Glass Slipper


Photo Credit UFC.COM

As an MMA fan, sometimes we pay for stories instead of fights. Last Saturday night, I didn’t plop down $54.95 to watch the first heavyweight title fight in thirteen months. I paid to see Mark Hunt shock the world and topple Fabricio Werdum on three weeks’ notice to become the interim champion as the UFC made their maiden voyage into the hardened fight mecca of Mexico. Unfortunately, Hunt would be denied his glass slipper via a flying knee in the second round. Continue reading